All Levels

All level classes are the heart of parivartana Yoga.


They are talk-through flowing classes, helping you to feel deeply relaxed and calm, whilst being energised and cleansed.


Working with body, mind and breath, the class will flow through a range of poses and sequences, bringing great benefit on many levels.


Classes will include technical information on the poses, and explain subtleties of the breath and mindfulness work, enabling students to refine and deepen their level of practice.


Is it suitable for beginners?


While it is not a specific introductory course, beginners are welcome. All Level classes won’t ever go back to the beginning, but each week you will steadily build your understanding of the sequences and principles of this yoga.


A note to those who have studied other styles of yoga before...


You may also like to consider our Introductory course. It covers the fundamental principles and techniques of this particular yoga, so builds a firm foundation from which to progress. If you ‘d like help choosing please feel free to email.

What To Wear

  • Loose Clothing is best!

    Wear loose comfortable clothing. T shirt & jogging bottoms are ideal.


    It can be good to wear layers (vest, T shirt, sweatshirt) for when you warm up/cool down


    Bare feet are best.

  • Mats

    Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or we have some spare ones you can borrow..


    We do sell yoga mats if you prefer to buy a mat. They are top quality mats which we sell at a discounted price to our students.