Yoga Bears

Specialised yoga classes for children.


Improves concentration & focus, develops co-ordination & balance, improves flexibility & posture.


Energises & calms, promotes confidence, develops social skills & is good fun.


We don’t hold regular classes, but offer specialised tuition, either at your venue or ours, for individuals or groups.


Yoga for Teenagers


Age specific classes


Yoga Bears


For children 6-11 years.

What To Wear

  • Loose Clothing is best!

    Wear loose comfortable clothing. T shirt & jogging bottoms are ideal.


    It can be good to wear layers (vest, T shirt, sweatshirt) for when you warm up/cool down


    Bare feet are best.

  • Mats

    Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or we have some spare ones you can borrow..


    We do sell yoga mats if you prefer to buy a mat. They are top quality mats which we sell at a discounted price to our students.


  • Yoga Bears