Beginners Class

Getting Started


We offer several types of classes suitable for those new to The Yoga Place:


Introductory Course


This course is specially designed to introduce complete beginners to Parivartana Yoga.


The course will build progressively through the fundamental principles, postures, breathing techniques and sequences of this yoga.

Tim will break down the postures and linking movements, so that by the end of the course each student will be comfortable moving in and out of each pose, and be able to adjust each pose to suit them individually.


It is suitable for those with no previous yoga experience, and for those who have studied other styles of yoga.

Date / Time

Please email us for the latest dates, or see our facebook page


All Level classes


If you are unable to make the Wednesday introductory course it is fine to attend All Level classes without having attended the introductory course. However because the introductory course has been specially designed with beginners in mind, it is worth trying to come for an introductory block if possible before attending All Level classes. All Level classes are more flowing than the intro course, and move from pose to pose in a continual graceful sequence.


One to One


For Individual lessons click here


What To Wear

  • Loose Clothing is best!

    Wear loose comfortable clothing. T shirt & jogging bottoms are ideal.


    It can be good to wear layers (vest, T shirt, sweatshirt) for when you warm up/cool down


    Bare feet are best.

  • Mats

    Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or we have some spare ones you can borrow..


    We do sell yoga mats if you prefer to buy a mat. They are top quality mats which we sell at a discounted price to our students.