One to One

One to one classes are a great way to...


  • Start yoga - have a lesson or two before going into regular classes
  • Study this yoga - ongoing private lessons (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly to suit your requirements)
  • Receive further help for those already practising this yoga, deepening your level of practice


We offer many types of one to one:


  • Beginners - take your first steps....
  • Parivartana Yoga - individually tailored classes in any aspect of the yoga, helping you to a deeper, richer understanding of your yoga practice
  • Remedial yoga - an individual yoga practice wil be designed to help with specific health issues e.g. back pain,sciatica, menstrual issues, insomnia etc
  • Padma (practical application of yoga philosophy to assist with any area of our lives where we may experience difficulty)
  • Yoga for athletes
  • Teacher training apprenticeship style
  • Guidance for yoga teachers - one to one classes to help give yoga teachers guidance and support in furthering their own yoga studies


You will learn directly with Tim (Senior Teacher 35+ years experience).

What To Wear

  • Loose Clothing is best!

    Wear loose comfortable clothing. T shirt & jogging bottoms are ideal.


    It can be good to wear layers (vest, T shirt, sweatshirt) for when you warm up/cool down


    Bare feet are best.

  • Mats

    Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or we have some spare ones you can borrow..


    We do sell yoga mats if you prefer to buy a mat. They are top quality mats which we sell at a discounted price to our students.