Padma (philosophical yogic therapy) is a traditional aspect unique to Parivartana yoga


Padma is used to help students to a deeper understanding of themselves and literally means ‘lotus flower’, and refers to the cross-legged pose traditionally used to sit, and symbolically to the lotus flower rising from the mud to the light.


These are one to one sessions, based around talking, rather than physical yoga. It is the direct, practical application of yoga philosophy to our life, bringing benefit to any area that we would like help with.


Whether we would like help with a particularly stressful situation, with making difficult decisions, or making life plans that are satisfying, Padma is profoundly supportive and beneficial.


What To Wear

  • Loose Clothing is best!

    Wear loose comfortable clothing. T shirt & jogging bottoms are ideal.


    It can be good to wear layers (vest, T shirt, sweatshirt) for when you warm up/cool down


    Bare feet are best.

  • Mats

    Bring a yoga mat if you have one, or we have some spare ones you can borrow..


    We do sell yoga mats if you prefer to buy a mat. They are top quality mats which we sell at a discounted price to our students.