School of Korean Healing Arts

Developed by buddhist monks in ancient Korea


These arts are a fascinating subject for anyone interested in holistic health.


A comprehensive system to help improve and maintain health physically, mentally and emotionally.




Primary Subjects


  • Ji Ap Sul - Acupressure Massage
  • Oriental Medicine Theory - A complete and detailed study of the essential theory
  • Mu Shim - “Empty Mind” Training


Supporting Subjects


  • Ki Kung - Ki Breathing Exercises
  • Muk Yum - Meditation


Post-graduate Subjects


  • Kyung Hyeol - Specific Acupressure Points for Therapeutic Purposes
  • Ki Ryuk Sul - Energy Transference Healing
  • Yu Shim Bop - Study of the Human Mind and Emotions




  • Held one day a month (Sat 11am - 5pm)
  • One to one is also available


The courses are designed primarily for personal interest and self-development, but practitioner certificates also available.


Students can choose how much time to invest in study, and progress at their own rate. Please feel free to contact us for any further information you require. 

Date / Time

Please email us for the latest dates, or see our facebook page